Biomechanics in Theory and Practice

Training for balance, flexibility and coordination

Main Topics:

Healthy Shoulders:

Everyone knows the burden shoulders carry. Healthy shoulders can do this and much more easily and without problems.  Intelligent use leads to relaxation and invigoration of the shoulder joints.

Stable Lumbar Region:

The lumbar region is the vital junction in the middle of the body between the horizontal pelvis and the vertical backbone. The lumbar region needs particular care since daily movement can have long-term effects. Learn anew and appreciate your backbone!

Limber Hips:

Limber Hips: Mobility, suppleness, and stability are the hallmark of the hip joints. With proper training, this will be preserved and enhanced. The result is that natural joints live longer!

Strong Knees:

The knee is the linchpin to the three-dimensional construction of the leg. The knee can be greatly helped through the knowledge of how the human body moves while walking or running.

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